Friday, August 29, 2014

Life right now // AUGUST 2014

loving the Molly's podcast A Homespun House. Sweet and inspiring!
thinking about small businesses, coffee and books.
eating food from different countries every day. Yesterday was falafel <3
wondering how to move in to Shetland! *obsessed*
listening to Lost Stars. My obsession with the Begin Again OST is still strong!
enjoying playing tourist in Paris. 
making progress on my crafty projects. multi-tasking is my way of life.
struggling with job applications.
feeling exhausted after walking miles and miles in Paris for the last 4 days.  
dreaming of Winter knits. I'm filling the house with wool!
finding it easier to get up early (mostly so i can knit!)
celebrating the leaves turning yellow and red. Fall is the best!
watching the new Doctor Who series! not sure how I feel about Capaldi yet.
hoping to make it happen.


  1. Move to the Shetlands? I thought about it..would be like Norway only closer (for me). Very tempting

    1. Norway would be awesome too, but i'd rather live someplace i speak the language (even though the accent is super complicated to my french ears !) But yeah, it's the only thing I have been thinking about lately!

  2. Love this post! What a fun way to reflect on life right now :)

  3. I like the positivity in this month's list :) Your photo is gorgeous and makes me want to scrap beautiful storefronts (pretty non existent where i live unfortunately...)

  4. Coffee and books together is heavenly. I love the smell and it should be a candle scent. Any yarn I'm knitting with is my current favorite :)

  5. That is one book store I would like to visit. To be or not to be.....