Monday, August 25, 2014


I need your help!

As you've read here last week, I am taking part in the Shwook hat knit along to celebrate the Shetland Wool Week in October. Shwook is a fair-isle hat that requires 5 different colors. And I bought 8 balls. Each one prettier than the other. And now I can't pick the final 5. So I made a few combo, snapped pictures, and now I would like for you to help me pick one. What do you think? Pink or no pink? Yellow or not? That yarn is just so pretty!


  1. Top left picture. I think. My instinct is always to go for lower contrast when I'm pulling colours together, but I'm starting to get more adventurous and see that the unexpected can look great. Combining colours for crochet is teaching me that. So I'm going to vote for adding in pink and yellow and taking out dark blue. I think. I like them all

  2. Wow! I can see how hard this is to choose because I love them all! I really can't be of any help here!!! Sian sounds like she knows what she is talking about so maybe listen to her ;)

  3. Ouf! C'est super difficile! Elles sont toutes très belles, tes pelotes!
    I'm a sucker for anything involving greys, creams, blues or yellows...

  4. Oh how can you choose! They are beautiful. I would say top left or bottom right. I love that yellow basically!

  5. Pink!
    Love all the combos- too hard too choose, you can't go wrong with either :)

  6. pink : )
    and top left is my favourite.
    gorgeous colors, no wonder that you have a hard time chosing.