Friday, September 5, 2014


I love my iPhone, I love taking photos so it really is no big surprise that I love photo apps I guess. A LOT of the photos that I share here are taken with my phone, like Playing tourist in Paris, all 100 photos taken during my 100 Happy Days challenge or even most of the photos from 1 photo & 20 words. So I'd thought I'd take 5 minutes to talk about my all time favorite photo apps.

PIC TAP GO. is just the best photo app ever. It was developed by Totally Rad, the awesome company who is also behind RadLab, which is a Photoshop/Lightroom… plugin that I use to edit all of my DSLR photos. I talked about it before here and here. PicTapGo is basically RadLab but for iPhone. Which is really cool because it means i can give all of my photos the same look and feel. The filters I use the most are: Light On, Crispity, Shadows, Auto Contrast Mason and Skinny Jeans. The B&W filters are pretty cool too! 99% of my Instagram photos I first edit with the app, it's just the best. 

INSTAGRAM. Should I mention Instagram? I love it. I "met" so many cool people through it, I get inspired every day there and it's just awesome! I'm @alinor89 over there, feel free to share your profile name in case I'm not following you already :)

CAMERA +. I mostly use that app to take my photos because they have that cool feature that lets you set up your exposure and focus separately, which is, you know, really cool! 

ABM. From the cool ladies behind A Beautiful Mess. It's a fun, festive, colorful app awesome to either make collages or add doodles and text to your photos. I definitely don't use it every day, but it's still really cool!

VSCOcam. It used to be my main editing app before PicTapGo was launched. It's really clean and well designed and the VSCOcam community is awesome and inspiring. Also it's a free app (as opposed to PicTapGo) which is awesome considering its quality


  1. We have such similar tastes in photo apps! I use all of these. Like you pic tap go is my favourite. I love the way it is set up and love the effects it gives. I also use VSCO cam but find the layout of it confusing! Fun post.

  2. This is great! I've been away all weekend, so I'm catching it now - I think I need to revisit my weekend photos after reading this. Your phone photos are fabulous