Monday, October 27, 2014


loving my long random walks in Paris. Fall is the prettiest season to wander. 
thinking about this blog, words and stories.
eating porridge every morning. still trying to perfect my recipe! 
wondering Where does the good go?  
listening to Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez.
enjoying my sister new obsession for natural beauty care products. I gave up chemical shampoo and my hair is loving it!
making slow progress on my christmas knitting. need to learn continental!
struggling with food temptations. croissants anyone?
feeling inspired by minimalism. I've sold/gave so much of my stuff and the empty shelvess feel so full of possibilities  
dreaming of Christmas Season! it's not to early right?
finding it hard to believe it's already been two years since Canada!
celebrating the cold coming in! I finally can wear my knitwear!
watching Reign. I'm way too obsessed with historical fiction at the moment!
hoping that Thursday will be a good day.


  1. It's definitely not too early for thinking about Christmas, or for enjoying some new knitwear

  2. Great music choices, two of my favorite songs. With you on the minimalist obsession. I too have cleared shelves and given away much, with the exception of yarn. ;)

    1. oh I am most definitely hoarding my yarn too!

  3. great post.
    Im ahead on the Holiday gift knits!
    im LOVING that my cats caught a mouse this morning that dared to be in our house