Monday, November 24, 2014


Mittens! Or is mitts when the fingers are not covered? Because in french mitaines and moufles are two different things so maybe you guys differentiate in english too? Nice way to start a post right?! Anyway, they're done! And oh so warm and soft. Here's a little step by step photo of how the first one came together ;)

The pattern is called Adrift and was made with some Plucky Knitter fingering yarn in mind, which I actually happened to have in my stash, with no real idea of what I would do with it. 100% of the reason I had grabbed the skein in my LYS in September was that amazing emerald green shade (it looks very Wizard of Oz to me). It's MCN yarn, which means it's a merino, cashmere and nylon blend. I had never knit with cashmere before. And you guys, I get what the fuss is all about MCN now! It knits up beautifully, it's super soft, elastic, strong, warm. I just LOVED knitting with it and I love wearing the mitts even more! 

The pattern was super simple to follow and memorize, I learned to do a thumb gusset without too much trouble (I picked up a few more stitches than the pattern said because I kept getting holes. The 5th try did the trick and the thumbs both look awesome now (if I may say so). I tried them on as I knit so I just stopped once the length was to my taste. They knit up CRAZY FAST. First one took me like 2 days and just one day for the second one. I have been wearing them all the time ever since. Let's make a whole lot more! Next on my list are the Antiquity mitts and a pair of basic mittens for the very cold days.  

Bonus photo! Thank you for stopping by this little blog and saying the sweetest things in the comments. You guys are the best!


  1. They are beautiful and with the cashmere content I can imagine how soft they are.

    Round here "mittens" cover the whole hand but don't have separate fingers. When the figers aren't covered we say "fingerless gloves"

  2. i always LOVE your pictures so much,
    simply beautiful!
    i always call them fingerless mittens but i am Norwegian and not English so don't listen to me : )

  3. These are just beautiful, as is your photography. I can only imagine that these are just gorgeously cosy to wear ...

  4. They are so beautiful and they look very warm :) I always wonder if there's a difference between 'mittens' and 'mitts' too...