Sunday, November 30, 2014


It's been a bit quiet here, this week was sort of weird. Some days you just feel like hiding under your blanket till it's time to sleep again. Or is it just me? 

I found out that what I struggle most with during the winter months is the lack of light and fresh air, as I don't go out quite as much and wake up too late (need to work on that.) 

So I went out a bit, wandering in Paris. Started a new crafty project (Christmas style). And I opened the windows. Took a deep (and cold) breath and was rewarded with that amazing view. 

Winter can be quite nice.


  1. I, too, feel like hiding in bed until much later than I ought! Less sunshine to make it seem worthwhile to get up!!

  2. Beautiful sky! I hate the shorter days, even here where I can't complain about the cold!

  3. The sky is stunning! Enjoy your days out. They are always worth it in the Winter as there is always something magical about the month of December.

  4. That sky is incredible! I don't like the lack of light either. It feels sad when it gets dark at 4!

  5. Beautiful photo - just stunning ... I hate how short the days are, and especially when it's misty or gloomy, I just feel like dozing too. Looking forward to hearing about your project.