Saturday, November 1, 2014

let's talk PODCAST!

I love podcasts! Video podcast, audio podcast. Funny, informative. Perfect in every occasion! Long commute? Listen to a podcast! Want to listen to something while your hands are busing knitting/scrapbooking/sewing? Pick a podcast!
I listen podcasts almost on a daily basis, about a wide range of subjects. Here's my top 10, divided into two sections: audio and video.

Ted Radio Hour. Ever heard of Ted talks? Well the Ted Radio Hours brings you the best of Ted Talks about basically every subject you can think of. A few of my favorites would be Simply Happy, Framing the story and The Hackers. Awesome, awesome podcast, super informating yet never boring!

Elise gets crafty. I'm a big fan of Elise. And was super excited when she decided to start podcasting. 30 episodes later and still super excited about it! It's all about creativity and the thousand subjects that revolve around it with awesome guests. 

Sunday Assembly. The Sunday Assembly is, in a few words, a godless congregation that celebrates life and community with awesome pop songs. And they also have a podcast! It's super funny, with a new guest every time telling its story. Love it This is actually the only audio knitting podcast that I listen to. The two ladies behind it work for Quince & Co and their podcast in super informative, in a very cool way. They've done episode about design principles, blocking, sweater making, colors… Very very cool podcast ideal if you want to learn more about techniques, yarn and design

PomCast. Do you know PomPom, the knitting pattern magazine? I'm a huge fan! And the girls behind it also have a podcast! It's AWESOME. And very very fun to listen to. Seriously, check it out!

me, unaware I'll have to rip back soon because I was so
into the podcast and laughing that I missed a yarn over ;)
note: all those podcasts are knitting podcast. I might be slightly obsessed with knitting podcast right now :)

A Homespun House. Molly is just the sweetest! Her podcast is funny, very very inspiring and basically just a pleasure to watch. Highly highly recommend it!

MustStash Podcast. Those girls are the best. Also, queens of socks! I get a lot of my projects inspiration from their podcast, they are crazy productive so their podcast is always full of new sweaters and gorgeous new yarns. 

Fiber Trek. Sarah lives in Maine and not only does she love knitting but she loves everything that goes with it. The fibers, the sheeps, the history of knitting and crafts in general. And she is very very good at sharing all that love. Her podcast is very sweet and special and I always feel like she is telling us a story while I watch it!

OhLoops. Sarah and Lydia are the two girls behind the Oh Loops! brand. They hand dye their own yarn (which I've already talked about a bit here), are starting to design their own patterns, have awesome themed knit along (right now is Harry Potter!). And they also have a podcast!! Check out their Ravelry group, it's where the fun happens!

In a Sknit. Kristi and Sarah's podcast is the coolest, those girls are super fun to listen to and also very productive so you get a lot of inspiration while laughing way too much with them!

So, what about you? Any podcast you love? One always has time for new podcasts right!


  1. I'm totally sucked into this podcast called Serial. It's a single story, unravelled a little more from different angles each week. This season they are exploring a murder in the 1990s trying to uncover what really happened and if the correct person is serving a life sentence for the crime. I look forward to it every week.

  2. I am not a big podcast listener and other than Elise's, I have never heard of the ones on your list. The only one I used to listen once in a while was The Digi Show ( - It is put together by digital scrappers but covers many interesting subject (mostly for scrapbookers). Now I want to look more into them!

  3. Um, I'll have to admit that I never listen to podcasts. BUT I have been asked to do a couple of webinars with Debbie Hodge in the New Year, so I am starting to think about what I'm going to sound like and what everyone else sounds like and I'm trying to find time for a bit of investigative listening!

  4. Oh I will have to come back to all of these - I love Tara Swiger weekly podcast - that is one I try not to skip!

    1. that podcast is super cool! downloading a bunch of episodes on my iphone right now! thank you :)

  5. Have you heard the Serial Podcast? It's an offshoot of This American Life. So good!!!

  6. Never listened to a podcast before, but after reading your recommendations I think I'll need to start :)