Saturday, November 22, 2014


loving my Whispering Pines shawl. I wear it ALL THE TIME.
thinking about Christmas present. So late. Hats it is!
eating way too much. As my sister said "food season is open!"
wondering if it's ok to do a Harry Potter marathon for the third time this year?
listening to The Hanging Tree. From the latest Hunger Games movie. Obsessed!
enjoying my growing collection of candles. The DIY lover in me may be thinking about how I could make some myself :)
making some sort of progress on my archive pages. Handmade is filling up slowly <3
struggling with energy and lack of Vitamin D. I hate how early the night sets in!
feeling like looking up. The sky is so pretty during Fall!
dreaming of a new tattoo. with pine trees in it <3
finding it hard not to put cinnamon on everything. I used to hate cinnamon. true story.
celebrating Christmas movie season! What you watching?
watching How to get away with murder. How awesome was that mid season finale?! 
hoping we'll get some snow this year!!


  1. Super post - such a great way of giving us a little glimpse into your life. Glad you have discovered cinnamon: I just love it!

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Warning! Making candles is as addictive as lots of other crafts. I had a phase..

    1. I had so many phases I probably belong in a Crafter Anonymous meeting!

  3. Lovely list! I thought about making candles myself too, I think that would be awsome, but then again, I'm also thinking about teaching myself embroidery and lots of other crafty...sigh so many crafts I want to learn!