Tuesday, December 30, 2014


A year ago, I grabbed a pair of 12 mm needles (not knowing those were huge of course) to knit some warm hats and snoods (all knitted flat haha). The word shawl mostly reminded me of my grandma, or a Jane Austen book. Definitely not something a 25 year old would wear. And here we are, a year later, and I can tell with certainty that this shawl is my favorite thing I've made in 2014. Shawls you guys! They're big and warm yet drapy and light. They are awesome to knit, just challenging enough that you never get bored and there's a bit of magic in them too. Seeing them grow when being blocked is just the best!

And this one, I just love it. I loved knitting it (definitely would recommend the pattern to a beginner shawl knitter, lots of cool techniques!), I LOVE the yarn (it's Madeline Tosh Merino Light), it's so crazy soft and has the most beautiful shades, and I love wearing it. It's super light yet because it's pure wool you get warm immediately. So comfy. I need one in every color. Not kidding. I might make one for my mom. Unless I decide to keep that one too ;)

ps: that's my big sister modeling for me so I could take so cute photos of it. 

ps bis: what's your favorite knit/project of the year?


  1. Oh it's GORGEOUS! The color is divine and the edging is the perfect sort of lace-y finish!
    I used to think shawls were an old lady thing as well, until I found so many patterns of light and airy ones - and then realized they could be done up in bright colors! A shawl is on my list of to-dos for sure!

  2. lovely! the color is just perfect...

  3. I love that shawl. I've been coveting the pattern for awhile now and have a skein of MadTosh set aside for it as well. Yours came our beautifully!

  4. such a beautiful shawl
    like always your pictures inspires me. it is something about the way you manage to capture the colors that speeks so deeply to me....eye candy : )

    my favourite knit project of the year is the Sibella pullover by Madder.
    and the shawl that i have used the most from all the ones that i have knitted is without a doubt the Mara shawl by MadelineTosh.

    warm wishes for a happy and healthy new year for you dear Lea.
    i am unable to log into Google today but it is me:
    Vibeke : )

  5. What a beautiful shawl! I used to be in the "Oh, I don't like shawls" boat, too. But then I realized how many ways there are to style them so they don't look old-lady-like. :)
    I think my favorite knit of 2014 was the Follow Your Arrow Shawl. It changed my opinion of shawls!