Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Here's a few words about what I have been reading this past Fall. I'm always looking for some good stories so feel free to share your current favorites in the comments :)

OUTLANDER - Diana Gabaldon 
Outlander is, in just two words, historical fiction. But I could also talk about it in 2000 words and that wouldn't even cover it. I loved it. Seriously, seriously loved it. Proof is, there are 8 books so far (she's working on the ninth!! yay!) and I read them all in two months like the crazy person that I am. I don't think I've felt like that for a book series since Harry Potter and the Lord of the Ring. So yes, amazing. The writing is brilliant and smart (also, not for children by the way) and the books cover everything a good novel should be about: love, adventure, action, history, fantasy, family, bravery, passion, Scotland, and so much more. I got completely lost in the epic story of Claire and James (aka JAMMF), and I just can't wait for book 9. 

Fave quote: "Don't be afraid. There's the two of us now."
(and a zillion other. basically every other line. read those book you guys!)

So, i did not like that book. I felt very very very uncomfortable reading Lena's words. Also, I think she got the title wrong. It should have been TMI: Too Much Information. I should also say that I love her show (Girls) and what Lena stands for as a public figure. I just didn't learn or take anything from the book. It didn't inspire me, it didn't make me feel like a strong, beautiful woman who can do it all. I just felt uncomfortable. And slightly worried about her mental health. If you are looking for a similar book I would highly recommend Mindy Kaling's book: Is everyone hanging out without me? It's AWESOME, funny, inspiring, everything Lena's book ended up not being for me.

This season's list feels kind of short (even though I actually read 9 books) so I thought I could share my Top 10 all time favorite books for fun. Would love to hear about yours!

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone
Alice's adventures in Wonderland
The Lord of the Rings
Pride & Prejudice
The adventure of Sherlock Holmes
Around the world in 80 days
The Mists of Avalon

Next on my list: Yes Please by Amy Poehler, Anne of Green Gables, Are you there God it's me Margaret (how awesome is that title??) oh and I am currently listening to Wuthering Heights, audiobook style! 


  1. favourites from me? "A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole, Thomas Hardy's "Tess" and Jane Eyre

    1. actually had to google the first one only to realize i had read it! it's called La conjuration des imbeciles in french ;) Big yes to Jane Eyre too!

  2. I believe everyone should read "The Princess Bride" every few years, just for good measure :) The movie is lovely, but the book is so much better.

  3. Oh yes, Outlander! I could talk forever about those books too! I'm just about done with book 7 now, though I did feel the first two or three books in the series were the best. I've been reading for so many months now that it just feels like spending time with old friends when I sit down in the evening to spend an hour or so with Claire, Jamie, Bree and Roger.
    I love most of the books on your list too and would just add Little Women to it. Also, the Hunger Games trilogy made a very deep impression on me.

    1. I loved 1 to 3 and then found 4 and 5 to be a bit less thrilling (but maybe i was just a bit tired from all the reading haha). Loved 6 to 8. It does feel like they're old friends, which I think is what makes the series so good!!
      Never read Little Women ^^ (not really considered a classic in France), it's going on my list!!