Friday, December 19, 2014


most of which was spent hand stitching that small pink line. True story.

So last week I saw on Sian's blog that the latest Jot magazine was out. Obviously stopped everything to browse it. Saw some cute stuff, got inspired by some challenges (need to try your bucket challenge Sian!! I need to get more words onto my layouts!) and saw a couple layouts that made me think "hey let's scrap lift!" Which is how this layout came to be. (this particular layout was inspired by the one on page 65!)

One central picture, a photo border I had been hoarding FOREVER (it's from Love Elsie, that's how old it is!!) and then a few embellishments based on the colors of the photo and border. A bit of stitching because why not. And then decided it needed more pink so i added the other paper as a border under my white card stock. I considered adding a lot more but hmm, not really me. I love that photo so much honestly that I could have just glued it on the background and still would have been happy with it. 
I also really like that it's a very "empty" photo that alone doesn't say anything and could be anything and still I look at it and that particular moment spent on the beach comes rushing back to my mind with all the stories that go with it (stories being told in greater details on other layouts. like this one and this one.) So yeah, it took me three layouts to record an hour spent on the beach. and I have more photos waiting!


  1. Twenty minutes? I'm very impressed! it'd probably take me that long to get a needle threaded these days lol

  2. That is a fantastic photo! Something like that can hold so many memories. Sometimes the simplest pictures are the best!

  3. I love the centered design and the colors of your page, and the excellent use of white space! I need to check out that new issue of Jot... hopefully during the holidays! ;)