Friday, January 23, 2015


Second year doing Life Right Now! Probably one of my favorite feature here. Looking back at the previous ones is also super cool. Feel like joining? I'm adding a link at the bottom of the post for you :)

loving that mug. trying very hard not to order it right away. must save money.
thinking about doing another round of everything must go. Less is more. and my closets are full.
eating not much. I'm doing Whole 30 again to start the new year like a pro ;) (much harder than in Summer so far) 
wondering what the f*** is wrong with people. #JeSuisCharlie 
listening to Another Love by Tom Odell, and a few more. check out the playlist below ;)
enjoying my scrap yarn blanket. Wanted to start one forever and finally have enough left over yarn! it's going to be so pretty in like 10 years! 
making breakfast as I finish writing this. I may have found the perfect Mint Tea!
struggling with noises and silence.
feeling like snow might be coming our way, finally!!!
dreaming of the wilderness. and a farm in the middle of it.
finding it hard to put down my books lately. Forgetting to eat or sleep is happening a lot!
celebrating over 300 followers on Instagram. there are a lot of knitters out there clearly, that's so awesome!
watching a lot of movies (Golden Globes/Oscars season being open and all). The Imitation Game was amazing, Wild was just as inspiring as the book and you guys The Theory of everything <3
hoping to make this dress, this skirt and this other dress by 2016.


  1. So many fun things. I love Tom Odell. I am obsessed with books as well, lately.

  2. Hey! I nominated you for a liebster award :)
    Can't wait to read your responses!
    Danni (Fine'n'Dandelion) xx

  3. I'm thinking of starting the Whole 30. I always see people post their food on instagram and it looks amazing. haha

  4. Less is more. Definitely. January is a great time to start over and evaluate that we really don't need that much. Loved Wild and Theory of Everything too - I seem to be at the movies most weekends this month! Can't wait to see Imitation Game :)

  5. love the mug link you shared, how cool! i really need to get a knitting mug some day!