Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I may have found the perfect winter hat. 

It's called Schwimmen, and was designed by Shannon Cook. Her blog is also really cool by the way. Also, I think it means To Swim, which would make sense looking at the hat. Anyway, this is a really cool hat, that looks like it takes a lot of work but really doesn't. Each took me like two days. Hats are awesome. 

So, here's the story. For Christmas my sister asked me for a cowl and a hat. We bought the yarn back in October with patterns in mind. But in December we discovered that one and well, she really liked it. I wasn't too sure if it could work because the pattern called for DK weight yarn and the one we chose (the blue one) is a light worsted yarn (by Quince & Co, full review soon). But my sister has a rather large head so I thought hey that could solve that. And guess what? The hat is a perfect fit for her!! Comfy, warm and slouchy, just like she asked.

The truth is, I really liked it too. And I had some DK yarn in dusty pink that I knew would one day become a hat. So I made another one! It's on the smaller side which is perfect because I have a small head and it is SUPER CUTE. Pink somehow seems to go with everything, which is awesome. And so here you have it. two sisters. two Schwimmen. 

So, are you more of a pink or a blue kind of person? 


  1. Mmm..choices, choices...I love blue, but I like that shade of pink very much indeed. That's a beautiful pattern.

  2. This is like the classic Sleeping Beauty conundrum - pink or blue? I always a more of a pink girl, myself, except that I find I choose a lot of blues to knit with. So a bit of both?! Great hats!

  3. Lovely hat(s)! While typically not at all a pink girl at all, this pretty dusty rose would be my choice, that said the blue is rather enticing too...

  4. These are gorgeous! And they look so warm and comfy! I love the blue color for the one for your sister, but in all honesty, I would combine the two and go with purple, ha!

  5. Oh they look great! I slightly prefer the pink one, but the blue one looks beautiful too!

  6. Love those hats! Don't you love it when you find that perfect pattern?

  7. These are both just gorgeous! Can't wait to hear more about the yarn, what fibre is it made of? I love the way the blue version holds it's form :)

    1. the yarn are both 100% wool, the blue one from american sheep and the pink from english merino. but they are also so so different. a post about each of those will go live this month!