Friday, February 20, 2015


ALL SOULS TRILOGY - Deborah Harkness
A Discovery of witches - Shadow of Night - The Book of life
26 BOOKS in 2015: a book by an author you've never read

Witches and vampires. Forbidden love and Family. History and science. Books and knights. Past and present. Basically a fantasy version of Outlander. What's not to love?? Devoured the trilogy in a fortnight . I read a lot of fantasy (most of it considered to be either Young Adult literature or BitLit) but this one is neither. Definitely for adult but not full of violence and sex like most vampire/witch novel tends to be lately (like the Anita Blake series and so on). It's smart and moving, Diana and Matthew (the two main characters) and both super smart and magical and strong yet very human and "normal". It's kind of cheesy sometimes (maybe? i don't mind so you would have to ask someone else) but half the story is about history (the author is a historian, bonus points!), evolution, science which I got TOTALLY hooked on. I mean you know you love a book when you start reading at 10pm and suddenly it's 4am and you wonder if you should sleep or move straight to Book 2. Magic.

Favorite quote: "It begins with absence and desire. It begins with blood and fear. It begins with a discovery of witches."  
"No fangs either. And one last thing: I do not, nor have I ever, sparkled"

26 BOOKS in 2015: a book set in the summer

Might have picked this book just because of the title (seriously, it's an awesome title), then started reading with absolutely no idea what it was about. so consider me very pleasantly surprised! A very sweet, smart and moving read. I'm not used to young male narrator (which I had never realized before I read this book!) but the themes can I think speak to absolutely everyone: friendship, love, family, accepting who you are. The only thing I'm not sure I liked or not is how I spent the entire book figuring things out before the character. Maybe it's a girl thing? Anyway, a lovely story <3

Favorite quote: "All on my own. I was in love with that phrase. I wasn't very good at asking for help." 
"Take off your shoes, Ari. Live a little." 
"Good, I said. I've always wanted to be weird in a good way."  

26 BOOKS in 2015: a book based on a true story

When I said I was going to read this book, it seemed like everyone had an opinion. "That guy is a jerk" "it's kind of inappropriate" "he has way too big an opinion of himself" "he's obnoxious". I quickly found out that it was kind of true, but sarcasm being my favorite language I was actually quite into his dark humor. The thing no one told me though was that past the first third of the book, it becomes SO boring! You go from a cool tale of hiking the AT to 3 lines of "we're walking" followed by 3 pages of completely random facts. It's like reading Harry Potter and suddenly the author starts talking about owls' crap for a chapter. Just not what you want to read right! All that to say, liked his style enough that I might check out some of his others books but wold not recommend this particular one!

Favorite quote: "All over America today people would be dragging themselves to work, stuck in traffic jam […] I was going for a walk in the woods. I was more than ready for this." 
"Plan B was that we would kill Mary Ellen and take her Pop Tarts."

ELEANOR & PARK - Rainbow Rowell
26 BOOKS in 2015: a book your friends love

Another oh my this book is so freaking adorable. Could not put it down. And I read mostly at night so let's just say that I went to bed very late this week ;) This must be the sweetest love story ever. The kind with the butterflies everywhere and where holding holds is the most magical thing ever. It's pure and precious and beautifully written. Highly recommend it. Obvisouly I want to read all of Rainbow Rowell's books now, Fangirl is for sure next on my list! 

Favorite quote: "The agreed about everything important and argued about everything else." 
"You can be Han Solo" he said kissing her throat. "And I'll be Boba Fett. I'll cross the sky for you."
"He tried to remember how this happened - how she went from someone he'd never met to the only one that mattered."

PS: I've updated my 26 BOOKS IN 2015 page. How are you doing on the challenge?


  1. Ha, I didn't really like A Walk in the Woods either. I did enjoy Notes from a Small Island a lot, though, and I'm definitely going to read more of his books!

    I liked Eleanor & Park, too...the hand holding was so sweet. Fangirl is my second favorite of Rainbow Rowell's books- it's quite a bit lighter and more feel-good than Eleanor & Park.

  2. I love books too. Right now I am reading The Nightingale and am very proud of myself for not devouring it in one sitting, it is that good!