Tuesday, March 31, 2015


loving a new library I discovered in Paris, Galignan. Super old and beautiful <3
thinking about babies, as one does when 5 people in a row tell you they're expecting (so much baby knitting to plan <3)
eating peanut butter for the first time. and now browsing recipes on Pinterest, as one does.
wondering what the leaves are waiting for! wanna see some green!
listening to Smoke + Mirrors, Imagine Dragons' new album. So far, Warriors, Dreams and Thief are my fave.
enjoying playing video games lately. I've missed it.
making progress on my sock yarn blanket thanks to some lovely mini skeins I got in the mail (mail is the best!). wanna trade?
struggling with sleep.
feeling like recording a video. maybe.
dreaming of dresses! Bought a few patterns and now on the hunt for pretty fabrics!
finding it very very hard not to buy all the yarn.
celebrating meeting knitters that live super close by. Knit nights are happening <3
watching House of cards season 3! And Outlander is returning in just a few days!
Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 Bad blogger here, sorry for the silence. February is just the weirdest, a minute it's there and suddenly it's March. So I wrote my Life Right Now post a bit too late, and wasn't sure to post it, and here you go it's March 11th. Nothing special happened in February anyway, except getting my knitting mojo back and listening to Imagine Dragons new album on repeat: Smoke + Mirrors

Finished a lot of projects, including my Mountain Moss Shawl which I LOVE. it's big, soft and yellow, perfection to me in other words. And that lace border!! I might reuse it on other shawl, it's absolutely gorgeous and perfect and not too much of a pain to knit!

 The shawl was made out of a skein of Tosh Merino Light in the colorway Candlewick and is based on a pattern from my favorite knitting magazine: PomPom Quarterly, issue 5 I think. The reason I'm calling it Moorine Kingdom is because that issue 5 has a camping theme, with a definite 60s/70s vibe, and that yellow just reminds me of the movie and Wes Anderson in general. If you have never seen this movie,  a/ it's not too late. b/ it's amazing.

Next shawl on my needles? Merlot, by Elise Dupont, in light grey and turquoise. Can't wait!