Tuesday, April 28, 2015


loving the afternoons spent in the park knitting / eating / drinking.
thinking that I haven't read a single book in April. need to change that in May, starting with Fangirl! 
eating all the fruits. Can't wait for peaches!
wondering what to do with the billion magazines I have (and love). too much stuff!!
listening to George Ezra's first album. Budapest and Listen to the man are my fave <3
enjoying the podcast. Episode 3 coming later this week, I'm waiting on a new webcam!
making use of my stash and feeling kind of proud about it ^^
struggling with cutting those gorgeous fabrics I've been buying.
feeling like cross stitching. 
dreaming of pretty embroideries like the ones Olivia has been creating <3
finding out that it's ok to speak your mind sometimes.   
celebrating the beginning of May. Lily of the valley season + my birthday obviously makes it the best month of the year!
watching Game of Thrones! #TeamDarkSansa


  1. I'm still on Season Two of Game of Thrones. If you ever make it over here I can take you on a locations tour!

    Magazines? I stack mine in pile and then restack them into more secure piles..

    1. Between Outlander, Pride & Prejudice and GoT I need to tour the whole of the UK I think!