Monday, June 1, 2015

LIFE RIGHT NOW // Birthday edition

Changing things up on this special month, thought I'd share 26 things about me right now :)

26 is starting to sound a little bit too much like 30.

I've watched every episode of Friends at least a thousand time and I still laugh like it's the first time.

I've been gluten free for almost a year now. Except for pizza, because I don't want to live in a world that doesn't have pizza.

I always thought I'd be a mom by the time I turned 25. hmm.

I watch all 7 Harry Potter every year, sometimes multiple times per year.

I never wear jewelry. But I want more tattoos.

Wanderlust and Haberdashery are my favorite english words.

Going out and being "social" physically exhaust me. the joy of being an introvert.

Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah is my favorite song in the world.

I hate high heels. I do feel prettier in them though. damn you society!

My favorite smell is freshly cut grass.

Scary movies freak me out because my sister made me watch The X-Files way too young. Don't get me started on zombies...

I just can't find a job.

I'm an expert at day dreaming.

Matthew is my favorite boy's name. Violet my favorite girl's name.

I never pick up the phone. that's what texts are for people.

I hate hot weather. I'd pick Canada over The Bahamas any day.

My middle name is Flor, which is flower in spanish. I'm not spanish.

I stopped eating meat 11 years ago. best decision ever.

As a kid I wanted to be: a teacher, an adventurer (think Indiana Jones), an archeologist, a midwife.

I can't resist a beard.

My favorite episode of Doctor Who is Vincent & The Doctor. I cry every time.

I have a huge collections of notebooks. Most of them are 98% empty.

I tried to write a story once.

My cat's name is Lola.

I really like lists.


  1. I cry over that episode of Doctor Who every time, too! It is so very, very great. I also wish it was a viable option to run a haberdashery in this day in age. Maybe if I find a small, eclectic town I could get away with it. And I hate being social, too.

    (P.S. If 26 is making you feel old wait till you get to 28. Being 2 years from 30, still in school, and having no idea what you want to do with your life once you finish is terrifying.)

    1. they're kind of in right now so who knows? ;)

  2. I think we may be soul sisters!!
    Friends- check
    Harry Potter movies- check
    Lack of jewelry- check
    More tattoos-check
    Introvert- check
    Hate hot weather-check
    Dr. Who and Vincent- Check, check and check!
    Attempt to write a story- check
    Love of long lists- super check!
    You are lovely and adore this list very much.

    1. that's why I love the Internet so much <3 reminds me of a story I'm reading called The Opposite of Loneliness. How weird is it that there is actually no word for it?? that's how I feel reading the answers to my post, not lonely :)

  3. I just turned 24 in April, and I'm having some of the same thoughts...I always expected to be married and probably have a baby on the way by the time I turned 25. As someone who's never really even dated yet, that self-imposed deadline is looking quite unlikely now!

    I'm also an introvert who hates hot weather and loves that episode of Doctor Who. :) Along with some other things on your list!

    Lovely blanket, by the way. And happy birthday!

    1. I think I'm having a little trouble adjusting to the 21st century rhythm where nothing happens before 30. should have been born in the 50s ;)

  4. Ok, so I have several thoughts...
    #1 Happy birthday!!
    #2 26 is SO NOT 30. I'm 34. i know.
    #3 I always thought I would be married by 25. I graduated pharmacy school at 25 so plans got delayed a few years. It still works out.
    #4 I'm totally with ya on the texting and calling. Why call when a simple text could do the job?
    #5 I have been a lifelong notebook lover/hoarder. And over the past 3 years I started actually using them. It's the best! When they're filled up, you get to buy more (guilt free!)

  5. I'm a bit late with the birthday wishes..but Happy Birthday all the same!