Wednesday, July 29, 2015


loving the smell of Summer rain
thinking about knitting designs and filling notebooks!
eating all the fruits <3
wondering when PSL will be back at Starbucks #priorities
listening to the Books on the nightstand podcast!
enjoying reading a few pages before bed every night
making lists of Xmas knitting presents. will not repeat last December mistake, must start soon!
struggling with electronics. Both my Mac and iPhone are getting tired and old :/
feeling like August is going to be a good one
dreaming of London baby! Hoping to make my way there for a few days in September!
finding this to be very true: "It isn't too late. Time is not running out. Your life is here and now. And the moment has arrived at which you're finally ready to change." (Cheryl Strayed)
celebrating getting a job, if only for the Summer! feels good to feel useful ;)
watching Teen Wolf and Mr Robot.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Celtic Rainbow socks + my favorite no hole-short row heel!

My first design!! Kind of exciting <3 After almost 3 months without any sock knitting, the obsession came back! Mostly thanks to the most gorgeous/coolest speckled sock yarn ever, hand dyed by the lovely Kristina from Eaden Yarns and very aptly named Neon Lights.

I knew the socks I would make with it would have to be special, and since I couldn't find a pattern perfect enough for it, I decided to design it myself. I wanted it to be super simple so that the yarn would be the main star but with a little something extra special, and so the cable idea came. The one I picked reminded me of Ireland and celtic patterns, and so I started thinking of little leprechauns leading you to the end of the rainbow and the Celtic Rainbow socks were born!

I decided to write down the pattern, including the cable design and my very favorite short row heel method (no holes!) and share it with you all for free, here and on Ravelry. You will find at the bottom of this post a link to download the pdf, or you can get it directly on Ravelry :) I hope you like it, and please please share if you decide to make a pair of Celtic Rainbow socks for you or your loved ones because that would just be the best! Keep in mind that this is my first pattern, and not being a professional and all it might not be perfect! I'll be happy to answer any questions or issues you have :)

Thursday, July 9, 2015


It's been a while people, but that just mean more stuff to show you :) 
June has been all about shawl and July will be all about the little projects, mostly because boy, is it hot! Who's knitting through the Summer? I'm switching my beloved merino for cotton for now!

Campside shawl by Alicia Plummer

Aristida shawl from Knitscene Accessories 2012

Kuni shawl by This birds knit

+ blue baby socks and a pair of Antiquity mitts by Alicia Plummer

Self stripping shawl using Drops Fabel Print

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