Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Les Reveurs shawl - PATTERN AVAILABLE!

This Summer I read a wonderful story, about a circus, love and magic. I fell in love with the words and the world she described. A part in particular stuck and resonated deeply to the knitter in me: 

“ They are enthusiasts, devotees. Something about the circus stirs their souls. They seek each other out, telling of how they found the circus, how those first few steps were like magic. Like stepping into a fairy tale under a curtain of stars […] And so begins a tradition of rêveurs attending Le Cirque des Rêves decked in black & white with a single shock of red. Often, just before dawn, there is no color to be seen in the circus, save for their small splashes of scarlet. ”

A couple days after finishing the book, I started doodling and swatching with a pretty skein of red yarn I had had in my stash for over a year, waiting for its calling. Soon after, my Les Rêveurs shawl was born. It is probably highly subjective of me to say that I love it and think it is gorgeous, but I do anyway. I fell in love with shawls as soon as I got into knitting and so designing my very own shawl pattern feels extra special.

I tried to put as much of the magic of the book and of my love of knitting in it, and I am now super excited to announce that the pattern is available on Ravelry! 

The shawl calls for one skein of fingering weight yarn (tonal or solid would work best), a 4.5 mm (US 7) circular needle and if you feel like it, a few beads to include to the bind off. It has a textured body, a lace section that looks complicated but really isn't and an elegant picot bind off. All instructions (written), and links to video tutorials to help you with the technicalities are included in the pattern. Whether you have read the Night Circus or not, I hope you will enjoy knitting the pattern and will love wearing the shawl <3

Les Reveurs 
Friday, October 2, 2015


On this day last year, I put on my feet my very first pair of hand knit socks. And fell in love. With the colors, the comfort, the warmth, the "oh thank you I made them myself!". I knew it was the beginning of something. So I started a little challenge: a year of socks. And you know what? It was fun! 

In that year, I have made 10 pairs of adult socks, 2 baby ones, and I have two more currently on the needles. I tried cuff down, then toe up, discovered the magic of short row heels, designed my very own sock pattern, and started a pair out of leftovers from previous ones (Inception style!). A good year I'd say! Funnily enough, my favorite and most worn pair is still the very first one I made.
Seriously can't believe I used to be that girl who said "why would I even want to knit socks, I don't even wear any!" One year older me is laughing hard right now. Hand knitted socks are the best! So here's to many more years of knitting socks!