Monday, March 7, 2016


It is insane the difference a year, 6 months, a month even can make. 2015 was just so freaking awful. But then flickers of light. of hope. It's 2016 now and not that I want to jinx it or whatever, but I have a good feeling about it! And so a new episode was recorded. I don't watch my episodes, and I didn't even edit this one so I can't really tell but I feel like I look fairly happy in it, which I am!! Let's hope this last right ;) I have missed this podcast more than I knew, just talking about the things I am passionate about and chatting with you all. YOU are the best and even if I have to repeat myself 1000 times, THANK YOU so much for your love and support <3

Alright, enough emotional chit chat, enjoy the episode :)

PS: do you really need show notes? Curious to know. All of my current + finished projects are up on my Ravelry page :)

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